Sakurajima is a composite volcano situated in Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu Japan.
Sakurajima has an elevation of 1117m (3665ft).
Sakurajima is located in the Aira Caldera which was formed 22000 years ago in a colossal eruption.
Sakurajima was formed in later activity 13000 years ago.
The co-ordinates of Sakurajima are 31 degrees 35N and 130 degrees 39E.

Sakurajima has erupted over 40 times since 708, the last one in 1955, which is still ongoing to this day.
The worst eruption on record for mount sakurajima was the eruption in 1914.
The 1914 eruption was the most powerful eruption in Japan in the twentieth century.
Lava flows filled the narrow strait between the island and the mainland.
The volcano had been dormant for a century until 1914.
The volcano generated a pyroclastic flow and an earthquake which killed 35 people.
It created an avalanche of debris and a Seismic earthquake, destroying 2148 homes.

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In Japanese Sakura means cherry blossom and Jima means island or mountain, but Sakurajima doesn't mean a cherry blossom island.
There is a variety of different sayings of how Sakurajima was named.
One such is that a goddess called 'Konohana Sakuyahime' who appeared in legend was defined in Sakurajima, so people used to call Sakurajima, 'Sakuya-Jima', but then changed over to Sakurajima.
Another is when the island was first created, cherry blossoms were seen floating around the sea surrounding the island.
Or that it was named after a local dignitary called Sakurajima Tadanobu.

There is a film based after the volcano called Wrath of the Gods.
700 people live at the foot of the volcano.
It has three peaks called Kitadake, Nakadake and Minamidake.
2km from the summit is called the 'off limits zone'.
Was formed south of the Aira Caldera.
Thousands of small eruptions occur each year.
Evacuation drills are held every 12th January, as a memorial to the 1914 eruption which occurred on that date.
The first recorded eruption was in 708 AD.
The 1914 eruption transformed the entire volcano.