Mount Vesuvius is a volcano located in Naples, Italy. It is believed to be over 17,000 years old and it is 1,281 metres tall and is thirty miles around the base. It is a stratovolcano because of it's conical shape, It has erupted 50 times over the last 2,000 years, with the most famous of these eruptions being in 79 A.D when it destroyed several Roman settlements. It's last eruption occurred during 1944. It is the most densely populated volcanic region in the world, with around 3 million people. It is also the only volcano in mainland Europe which has erupted in the last 100 years. Since the volcano is near Naples which has a population of 960, 079 (in 2012) these people are in great danger from this destructive volcano!!

Famous Eruptions:

Mount Vesuvius' most famous eruption occurred in 79 A.D when it destroyed settlements such as Pompeii. The people living around the area had no idea that Vesuvius was a volcano, at the height of the eruption it was emitting 1.5 million tons of lava per second, the volcano also spewed a deadly cloud of volcanic gas, stones and ash. The eruption lasted over 24 hours. The pyroclastic flows from the eruption can move at 450mph with temperatures of 999 degrees Celsius. 16,000 citizens in the Roman vicinities of Pompeii and Herculaneum perished due to hydrothermal pyroclastic flow. These towns were covered in 4-6m of volcanic ash and they weren't discovered until 1748 by a surveying engineer. In January 2013 Bastille wrote a song about the famous eruption and it was a big hit. Bastille's front man Dan Smith confirmed in December 2013 that the song was about the bodies covered in the ash. Another fact about the famous eruption is that it happened during WW2, destroying US bomber planes stationed a few kilometres away.
Pictured below are some of the bodies found thousands of years after the eruption:
Image result for pompeii bodies
Image result for pompeii bodies
The bodies of what seems to be a man or woman and a child.
Image result for pompeii bodies
Image result for pompeii bodies
People can now see the bodies as they are shown on display in Naples.


Mount Vesuvius is located in the west of Italy and it is also 9km East of the city of Naples in the Naples province of Italy. It is on the plate boundaries of the Eurasian and African plates, the African plate is being sub ducted beneath the Eurasian plate causing volcanoes in the area to erupt. It is the most densely populated volcanic region on earth, with the majority of these people living in Naples with over a million residents. It is the only volcano in mainland Europe which has erupted in the last century, which occurred in 1944. It is only one of the several volcanoes in the Campanian volcanic arc along with Mt. Etna & Campi Flerei to name a few.

Pictures of Mount Vesuvius:

Image result for mount vesuvius
Image result for mount vesuvius

In this picture we can see the town of Naples in front of the volcano its self.

mount.pngThis is a photo of the volcano erupting, showing the deadly cloud of ash and the tons of lava erupting.4

mount vesuvius.png This is a great photo to show just how big Vesuvius is and it shows us the base and the width of it.

By Orlaith and Jake