This Volcano is known as Mount Arenal. It is also known as Pan de azucar, Canaste, Volcan Costa Rica, Volcan rio frio or Guatusos peak.


Mount Arenal is located in Costa Rica 90km northwest of san Jose.

Type Of Volcano:

It is a strato Volcano. A strato volcano is a tall, Conical volcano composed of one layer of hardened lava, Tephra and volcanic ash.


Mount Arenal stand at 1633m High (5,358ft).

Volcanic Activity:

Mount Arenals volcanic activity dates back 7,000 years. Its known eruptions were in 1350,1530,1750,1915,1922,1968 and 2010.


Mount Arenal is estimated to be around 7,500 years old making it a young volcano.

Case Study:

On Monday 29th July Mount Arenal suddenly and violently erupted covering 15 square kilometers in rocks. It killed 87 people and buried three small villages. It affected more than 200 square kilometers of land.